Small Groups

Community Happens in Circles, Not Rows

Here at Crosswind, we believe that relationships play an important role in growing as a Christian. We are not just on our own journey to follow Jesus; we recognize that God has given us companions for that journey. Together we can laugh, cry, sweat, snack, learn, play, fail, succeed, and grow - not on our own, but together. That's called community, and we encourage everyone to get involved in one of our various Small Groups.

Small groups are 8-12 people that meet together routinely (for about 12 weeks at a time) in homes or at the church. Through these groups, we build new relationships while focusing on a particular area of interest or study. Each semester, we offer numerous topics or book studies to choose from. We try our best to make sure that there’s something for everyone!

December 5 & 12

After the Service

Leading a small group is one of the best ways to help cultivate community here at Crosswind and it’s super easy. If you are interested in leading a group then all you need to do is attend one of the training dates. So fill out the form below to sign up!

The Beloved Community

This fall, all of our small groups will be studying the same material. We will be doing a sermon series called The Beloved Community and along with that will be a small group study based out of the book 40 Days of Community by Rick Warren. As a church we want to grow deeper in our relationship with God and closer to one another. We believe that Spiritual community is essential now more than ever.

To register for a group you can simply contact the leader or click the button and fill out the registration form below.


Adult Bible Class (Co-ed)

8:45 am – Paul Cushing and Jenny Cushing - meets in the Youth Chapel - Join us every Sunday morning throughout the year! No sign up required.  Everyone welcome! 

Co-ed Group

7:00 pm – Dan Bolgiano - meets online via Zoom – contact Dan at 443-834-5569 or [email protected]

Co-ed Group

11:45 am (after church service - lunch included) – Matt and Erin Lambmeets in the Pier 29 Room (downstairs) – contact Erin at 717-947-8878 or [email protected]


Co-ed Group

7:00 pm – Chris and Mary Jo Kraft meets in Westminster – contact Chris at 443-465-3119 or [email protected]


Ladies' Group

9:45 am – Elyssa Kaskelmeets in the Church Parsonage  – kids welcome - contact Elyssa at [email protected]

Co-ed Group

7:00 pm – Paula Deithorn and Sharon (Gretchen) McGill – meets in the Prayer Room – contact Paula at 717-476-3344 or Sharon at 201-303-4335 or [email protected]

Couples' Group

7:00 pm - Chris and Elyssa Kaskel - meets in Westminster - childcare available - contact Chris at [email protected]

Co-ed Group

7:00 pm – Raf and Barbara de Lausnaymeets in Taylorsville – kids welcome - childcare available by teens - contact Raf at 908-208-4315 or [email protected]


Ladies' Group

4:00 pm – Evelyn Schmidtmeets in Littlestown – contact Evelyn at 443-974-8710 or [email protected]

Ladies' Group 

7:00 pm – Annette Adcock and Mimi Perezmeets in the Prayer Room – kids welcome (no childcare) - contact Annette at 443-878-2503 or [email protected]

Co-ed Group

6:30 pm – Tami Roloffmeets in Finksburg – contact Tami at 717-434-6770 or [email protected]


Ladies' Group

7:00 pm – Cathy Bohn and Patty Pentzmeets in the Youth Chapel – contact Cathy at 443-744-2240 or [email protected]


Student Group (6th - 12th Grade)

7:00 pm – Adam and Becca Morelandmeets in Westminster – contact Becca at 410-564-7967 or [email protected]


Saturday Morning Prayer

9:00 am – Join us every Saturday throughout the year! No sign up required.  Everyone welcome - Meets in the Prayer Room

The Breakfast Brew Crew (Men's Group)

8:00 am – Pastor David Sulcer – meets in Westminster – contact Pastor David at [email protected]