Local Missions

Throughout the year we have many different opportunities to reach out and serve people in our local community. Visit our website to stay up to date with ways you can get plugged in to serve. 

Deeds of Faith Food Pantry

Located in the yellow building at the end of the church property, the Deeds of Faith Food Pantry serves hundreds of families each week. Since 1997, the Food Pantry has helped those who otherwise might not be able to afford food and essential household products get them at little or no cost. Jesus said in Matthew 11:28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Times are tough and many feel they are all alone, but our Food Pantry is here to tell people that they are not alone, God loves them, and He has a plan for their life.

Soup Kitchen

Every seven weeks we partner with The Shepherd's Table to provide a meal to those in need in the Westminster community. We can always use help preparing and serving meals! Monetary donations are accepted to help with food costs and can be given through our online giving system. If you would like to get involved, donate, or get more information, contact Pat Coburn through the link below.


Crosswind Church is committed to the country of Nicaragua as our primary overseas missions focus. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in our hemisphere and we are passionate about making a difference for God’s wonderful people in this country. Typically, we will try to take one or two trips each year to Nicaragua to bring groups of people face to face and hand to hand with the people and projects that we are involved with there. Below you will find more information on each of these projects. We would love for you to get involved in any or all of the areas described below, or even go with us on a trip. To do so, simply contact Elyssa Kaskel through the link below.

Sponsoring Children

Being the second poorest country in our hemisphere, there is a lot of need for financial support, education, and other basic necessities for children. We work directly through Compassion International to sponsor kids in areas of Nicaragua where the need is the greatest. We especially target kids that are located within close proximity to our other projects in the country. By sponsoring a child, you are helping to break the cycle of poverty in their life. Each month, your money goes towards helping make sure the child is properly fed, given access to an education, and even introduced to the Gospel. Sponsoring children in Nicaragua through Compassion International is a fantastic way to make a difference in their life. To take it a step further, we want you to go on a trip to visit the child you sponsor! By visiting them you are able to make a personal connection and learn about their family and living conditions. We promise that visiting your child will be something you will never forget! If you would like to visit Nicaragua, contact Elyssa Kaskel through the link above.

As of August 2023, visits to sponsored children in Nicaragua are still suspended per Compassion International.

Clean Water Wells

Clean water is a scarce natural resource in most of Nicaragua. Drilling sustainable, clean, deep water wells provides this most basic necessity in life for those in need. When clean water is made consistently accessible, God opens the door for multiple ministry opportunities to intersect. This is the tip of the spear to generating life and a thriving community of men, women and children. Each clean water well costs $7,500. Digging wells not only helps provide clean water, but it also gives employment and income to the men who work on them. We work with a young missionary in the village of El Transito who is a professional well driller. When we fund a well, he is able to hire young men in the area, giving them the opportunity to make a living and provide for their families. Throughout the year, we have specific fundraising opportunities to raise money for various wells, but anyone is welcome to give at any time towards a well. Using our online giving system is the best way to make a donation today! Simply choose the Missions category and place your donation under the Nicaragua Well designation.


The average child in Nicaragua leaves school by the time they are in the 8th grade. Through our missionary in El Transito, we have the opportunity to sponsor students of all ages who are being tutored in reading, math, and English as a second language. These students are provided with facilities, teachers, and resources to encourage them to stay in school and complete their high school diploma. We are also provide young men and women sponsorships to go to local universities and trade schools. This “higher education”  is equivalent to a specialized, high school education in the United States, with a focus on a particular industry. The graduate can then turn this into a career to support themselves and a family. During our trips to Nicaragua we make time to do various school renovation and painting projects to help the local schools and educators provide the best environment possible to break the cycle of poverty.


Baseball is the national sport in Nicaragua and plays a huge part of the culture. In the village of El Transito, we help to support the youth baseball league by bringing them equipment, gloves, and uniforms. Through our local missionary, we have made an agreement with the coaches and leaders of the youth baseball teams. In exchange for our continued support, they require their youth players to actively take part in extracurricular educational activities.

Sharing Jesus

Jesus is the driving force behind all that we do! During our group trips, we host a Vacation Bible School in the village of El Transito to help share Jesus with as many kids as we can. Through each and every one of our projects throughout the country of Nicaragua we have an open door to share the Gospel with people. This is our ultimate goal and heart for this country. We want to see people in Nicaragua find life's true direction!

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Missionaries We Support

Josh and Mandy Wheeler

Josh and Mandy Wheeler are missionaries in the country of Turkey. They have helped plant a church and spend lots of time learning the local language. Josh and Mandy are working to spread the Gospel to this predominantly Muslim country by building relationships and sharing the love of Jesus. The Wheelers have three children: Havva, Zachariah, and Caleb.

Chuck and Sherry Quinley

Chuck and Sherry Quinley have spent their lives helping Asia's emerging young leaders develop their spiritual core, leadership skills, and their ability to communicate forcefully through the powerful tools of modern media. They founded Medialight Institute in Chiang Rai which has given leaders from 40 nations a ten-week intensive in becoming an agent of change in a digital age. Chuck and Sherry co-direct Emerge Missions and Medialight Institute. The Quinleys have been blessed with six children and live in Northern Thailand.

Fuel the Mission

Your generosity is what makes missions successful! You can use the form below to make a donation towards any of our ongoing projects!